The Land and the Vine

Peñafiel is located at an altitude of 754 meters, with a year average rainfall of 475 ml. Its soils are poor, mainly of gravel and limestone, with little organic substance, regulates in a natural way the vineyard production.  

The Continental climate in the Ribera del Duero, with long and cold winters and dry and hot summers, generates  a huge variation in the temperatures between day and night and grants an excellent phenolic maturation and an exceptional wine’s structure.

The microclimate provided by the Duero River to its riverside ensures that the miracle of the harvest happens each year. An extraordinary miracle where the end product, through a careful elaboration, will also become a unique wine reflecting the conditions of the climate and the environment of each harvest.

Convento Oreja wines are varied and are exclusively elaborated  with Tinta del País grapes, a variety of Tempranillo.

The grape is characterized by its small grains and thick skin which assure a high  concentration of fruit and an excellent structure.

In addition to the natural production regulation done by the soil and the climate, Convento Oreja objective is to use only high quality grapes, thus maintaining  a low  production of each plot.

Elaborate excellent and high expressive wines with own personality and limited production, maintaining the character of the Ribera del Duero, including high quality materials also in the package and seeking the pleasure of everyone who tastes it.

Because  we bring our wine to everyone, we provide power, wealth, dreams, love…